NetSpeedMeter 0.9.4 beta

This utility allows you to know the bandwidth usage of your NIC in real time
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This utility allows you to know the bandwidth usage of your NIC (Network Interface Card) in real time. It installs a small window where you can see the upload and download speeds your network card is working at in a visual way. The program also provides you with statistics of bandwidth usage on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis. The graphical monitor can be switched on and off without stopping your system monitoring.

The program does not have a central user interface; however, it installs an icon on the system tray area that you can right-click for access to the program’s many functions and utilities. For example, you can hide or show the graphical monitor, set its level of transparency and tell it to show or hide the scaling and the network interface description, as well as display the statistics, options, and about windows.

On the options window you can configure all the parameters related to the way the program works. For example, there you can select the network interface(s) to monitor, set the program to auto-scale the graphics or define a custom scale, change the predefined colors and tell the program whether to check for updates automatically or not, among many other options.

Finally, and once you are satisfied with the configuration of your copy of NetSpeedMeter, you can activate its graphical monitor and start checking the bandwidth usage of your NIC(s) in real time. For sure, system administrators and other advanced users will find this tool especially useful.

Ricardo Soria
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  • It works in real time
  • Provides you with bandwidth usage statistics
  • You can hide or show the graphic window
  • You can set the graphic window transparency
  • Capable to update itself automatically


  • According to the program's author, it might be unstable as it is still in testing phase
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